Symrin Chawla (designer/artist/resident #LACAUSAgirl roadtripper), and Kelynn Smith, LACAUSA's creative direction fai...

Posted on May 11, 2017

Symrin Chawla (designer/artist/resident #LACAUSAgirl roadtripper), and Kelynn Smith, LACAUSA's creative direction fairy, recently went for a quick jaunt to California's favorite magical desert wonderland: Joshua Tree.  We caught up with the two to gain insight on where to start and end a quick trip to the land of weird trees, wildflowers, and enchanted moments.

Kelynn: First things first - forget to book the room you wanted ahead of time and find a cheap roadside motel upon arrival instead + MAKE SURE they have free shitty coffee and a pool.

Sym: Next, hit the local market for your park picnic necessities: Assorted fruits, prosciutto, crackers, goat cheese, honey, all the fixins. 

S: Taking tips from previous LACAUSA picnics; always carry a knife, you won’t need plates *rocks are the new plates*

K: Cheap tequila and San Pelligrino for a DIY margarita

Emmanuel Dress in Citrus Dip

K: Drive through the park and seek out your perfect moment. We found ours at the Belle Campground (appropriately) where some folks let us park in their zone while we hiked out to find the cutest spot to chill. Breathe deep, do some rock yoga, drink your cheap margs while the sun sets.

S: Make sure you're with a libra, who, in lieu of ride service apps, will go above and beyond to convey a sense of respect for the local taxi/uber beef to the miffed driver who was 45 minutes late.

Amelia Bloomers in Lilac

K: If you’re in the mood to try something other than Pappy and Harriet’s, please go to Joshua Tree Saloon. If it’s not karaoke night you might catch a live performance by One Foot in the Grave, a *punk cover band* led by a 70something QUEEN. They made up for missing out on my dream of performing a Sublime duet with Sym for sure.

S: Memorable sunglasses will grant you 2 day park access when you lose your ticket and need to remind park rangers that they definitely saw you the day prior.

K: If you happen to have an anxiety attack from climbing too high to get the perfect photo, pick some wildflowers and decompress.

S: Think before you pluck though. It's necessary to understand the ecological struggle of the desert plant, the miracle of their flowering, etc etc... but sometimes a girl just needs her damn desert bouquet! 


There’s a a few classic spots for vintage shopping along 29 Palms Highway, but this trip we opted for Enchanted Moments instead, a hybrid antique flea market / metaphysical crystal shop where we sifted through country oddities, old books, piles of quartz and super special home goods.




K: Everything BBQ at the JT Saloon and Country Kitchen for the biscuits n gravy!

S: ...and the cutest diner boy there, who's glow will resurrect even the most tormented runaway bitch.

K: Oh and smoothies from Natural Sisters Cafe!



The proper term for the wild hare is a jackrabbit - useful to know when making casual chit chat with the local farmer over a game of pool while town muralist tries to flirt with your friend.