We briefly chatted with Amanda Yamashita, the artist behind our latest LACAUSA Store window display, about inspiratio...

Posted on April 19, 2017

We briefly chatted with Amanda Yamashita, the artist behind our latest LACAUSA Store window display, about inspiration sourcing, all things nylon and her summer look.

Tell us about your creative process.

My creative process usually begins with the material. I take materials and try to imagine them in a new way. I start with an individual form and build upon it- letting it grow and transform. The final composition is directly related to how the material dictates itself. For this reason, I always say that gravity is one of my materials. Throughout the process, I edit edit edit. If something isn't working out, I change up the composition until it feels right. 

What materials do you generally work with?

I really enjoy working with fabrics and other fibers. My main go-to material is nylon. I'm drawn to it's inherent beauty, transparency, and stretchiness! 
Give us some insight on the piece on display in the store window.
The piece in the window display is an oversized, fluffy, soft, pink chain. One of the main themes that runs through my work is dichotomy- and that's a large part of what this piece is about. The chain is designed to be functional and strong. Chains are typically made of metal, and this one defies all expectations of what a chain should be. It's visually inviting and serves no function; it is a thing to be looked at and admired. It seems weightless and is composed of fragile material. Because of the rigid dichotomy between the traditional idea of a chain and the chain I've created, it's an attention grabber! 
 Where do you source inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere! It's in brainstorming, in conversations with other creatives, in galleries and museums, in nature, on Instagram, in fashion, in architecture,  even in Home Depot!

Which piece that you’ve made is your favorite and why?

My favorite piece is always changing! My answer to that is almost always whatever my latest creation is. In this case, it's a giant brain sculpture I made for a music video that has LED lights rigged throughout that beat to the music! I love it because I made it in collaboration with a friend and also because it was the largest thing I've ever made! When it comes to installation, the bigger the better! 

What's your Summer Look?

My Summer look is light and fresh! I am drawn to lightweight fabrics in neutral tones. It feels very clean, minimal and fresh- which is how I would describe my overall aesthetic.


Thanks so much Amanda for chatting with us and installing your beautiful piece in the window. Be sure to check out Amanda's work here and stop by the store to see it in person.