Taylor Wordell's work is layered, colorful, feminine; each piece has the warm feeling of peace at home or freedome in...

Posted on June 12, 2017

Taylor Wordell's work is layered, colorful, feminine; each piece has the warm feeling of peace at home or freedome in nature. Her paintings will be on view at our shop through July. We took a moment to chat with her at the opening event about her inspirations, self-care rituals, and growing up in a small town.

Taylor wears the reversible linen top

You grew up in the mountains, can you tell us a little about what that was like?

TW: I was raised in Nevada City, California. It's a small, victorian town with a population of only about 3,000 people. It is an extremely special place to me. Growing up in Nevada City allowed for me to have complete freedom as a child. I was constantly playing outside with my sisters and feeling wild. Home is quaint, safe, and full of natural beauty in the mountains, river, lakes and it's people.

The community at home is close knit and tight. Nevada City is full of artists and has a whimsical, unique air about it. It is the warmest feeling to visit home and know that I'll run into many familiar faces. It really is so sweet. I can't imagine being raised elsewhere.  

What drew you to painting originally?

TW: My exploration of painting came at a fragile point in my life as a young teenager. I was raised by very young parents and at one point I lived with a different family. During this time, I discovered my passion for painting and it made me more grounded and relaxed. I experienced independence at a young age so delving into my art really aided me in finding one of the most important concentrations in my life. 

Taylor wears the blue moon dress

You had a residency in Iceland, did that change your perspective in any way? Did it help to evolve your practice?

TW: The residency in Iceland changed my perspective on the quality of life we as Americans live. I experienced a truly happy country while in Iceland. Their culture is so highly influenced by the arts and a general movement towards sustainability and nature conservation.

Traveling to Iceland alone and working in solitude definitely evolved my practice as I spent long amounts of time with my thoughts, learning to express them through poems, drawings, and paintings. 

There are a lot of female figures and still life or craft elements in your work, what inspires you most and what draws you to these themes?

TW: My work certainly has many female figures and crafty elements. I was partially raised by my older sisters and grandmother and I believe their strong female presence has influenced my work deeply. I'm drawn to crafty elements like textiles and patterns, and finding abstract shapes or overlapping lines in the craft. 

Who are some of your favorite artists?

TW: Richard Diebenkorn, Matisse, Florine Stettheimer and Danny Fox. amazing, amazing, amazing. 

Fashion inspirations?

TW: Jane Birkin is a big style icon for me. I am in love with searching for vintage or handmade clothes that are bright with colors and patterns. Looking at my closet right now, that bad boy is primarily filled with jumpsuits and vintage floral dresses. 

Tell us about your daily routine. Do you have any self care rituals?

TW: I was recently balancing school, work and painting so my self care was a bit out of whack. Thankfully, it is summer and I am getting back into daily routines. First things first, I wake up fairly early and like to make my bed and tidy up my room. It makes me feel ready for the day :) 

The I drink tea, head down to the beach, or read. I'm working on meditating in the morning and a little yoga routine for a more joyous wake up. My self-care rituals include reading, yoga, and painting- I am still finding time to put more effort into self-care. The days seem to fill up and pass too quickly as we live busy lives. 

Where would you tell us to go if we were to visit your hometown?

TW: I would tell y'all to swim and hike at the Yuba River (I can't reveal secret spots) and then I would say go to Ike's Quarter cafe for a yummy cajun-creole brunch, it has the most amazing courtyard and cherry blossom tree. 

Three songs you have on repeat this summer:

1. Right Down the Line- Gerry Raferty 

2. Can We Really Party Today- Jonathon Wilson

3. Everybody's Talkin'- Harry Nilsson

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