Interview: Andrea Ámez

Andrea Ámez is a Los Angeles based esthetician and founder of eponymous AMEZ MARKETPLACE which she launched at the en...

Posted on February 23, 2021

Andrea Ámez is a Los Angeles based esthetician and founder of eponymous AMEZ MARKETPLACE which she launched at the end of 2020. We sat down with our skin godmother at her Echo Park home to discuss her journey, grounding rituals and current beauty favorites. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you started your career as an esthetician? 

I’m actually an art historian and worked in the art world in my early 20s. I secretly knew that I would work in beauty some way or another because I was not only obsessed with products but my mother had also passed on her skin expertise to me. My mom is a nurse so I grew up with a really good understanding of how to properly treat the skin which ultimately established a really nice foundation for me to build on!
I was living in Paris in 2013, and it all sort of clicked there for me that I wanted to pursue a career in beauty. Although I had plans to basically make a life in Europe, I came back to LA and landed my first job with Aesop and the rest really happened organically. 

When did you know it was time to branch out on your own, and what led you to start the Marketplace? 

I knew a while ago actually and that probably solidified around 2018 I’d say. I knew that there was this sort of basic trajectory for an esthetician, especially an LA based esthetician, but I knew that I wanted my brand to come from a different perspective. I wanted to make it accessible and representative of and for my community.
I tend to work at a gradual incline so I really took my time with starting the marketplace until I felt my voice was really being heard in the beauty space. The marketplace is this beautiful little extension of my services where I am building that trust with you— the same way I do with my facial clients. The Marketplace allows for so much connectivity on a different levels which was very important for 2020. I am so happy I finally made the leap to launch it! 

Earliest beauty memory? 
Driving from Highland Park all the way to Fred Segal circa 96 or 97 to try this new product range that my mom heard about also known as Kiehl’s! This actually makes me laugh because when we got there, Cameron Diaz complemented my skin particularly my rosy cheeks, I must’ve been 7 or 8 at the time— a very LA moment and memory. 

Daily rituals that keep you grounded after a long day of work?

A lot of my rituals revolve around decompressing my body after seeing clients. Because I touch people for a living, I can sometimes absorb that energy so I do at home stretching. I have this theory that because I spend a lot of time looking down at my clients during facials I try to do head and breathing exercises while looking up at the sky— so it’s like this mental polarity thing that makes me feel more balanced. 

Current favorite products or daily lineup?
Currently using a gentle cream cleanser, LemonLight hydrosol by Wildcare as my toning mist, pure hyaluronic acid by Cosmedica (a literal must during these colder months) and actually have been trying out the Humidifying cream by Humanrace... of course I was curious because, duh, Pharell, but the product itself has a really nice, adaptable density. Finally, I top off with 2-3 drops of oil, usually a rotation of NOTO Deep Serum, BLNCD Cannabis infused oil or Zizia luminous day oil. Then finish with a little Saie Beauty tinted slip cover and I’m out the door! 

We are obsessed with your Anti Pollutant Mask, can you give our readers the run-down on what makes it so amazing?
Thank you SO much! Worked hard on this baby! I think its purpose is what makes it so special. As someone who grew up in LA I wanted to develop a product that would assist in protecting the skin from hard environmental pollutants! So whether you travel a lot or live in an urban environment this masque is going to be your best friend. The texture is also something to note. I love that it’s a nice in between of a hydrating masque and a purifying masque, so you don’t get that super dry feeling that can sometimes feel a bit stripping but instead you get a super nice cream-like finish that leaves your skin SO SMOOTH. 

What’s next for AMEZ? Any teasers for us? 

I’m constantly developing and conceptualizing products in my head! I have some very interesting projects lined up and that’s all I can reveal at the moment! I will say what I’m veering into is not going to contribute to this capitalistic framework, that’s a big task I know, but going to try my best. Given the events of 2020, I’m now moving and expanding into bigger, socially- focused work and that has really become my main focus and motivation. 

All images by Jen Wolf.