Meet Cassie Rose Ebner, a 28 year old LA native and founder of creative & sales agency Palo Santo Studios. Scroll...

Posted on January 09, 2019

Meet Cassie Rose Ebner, a 28 year old LA native and founder of creative & sales agency Palo Santo Studios. Scroll down for an intimate peek into her chic space and some insights on how she manages to stay zen while running her own creative business. 

What is Palo Santo Studios?

We are a sales and creative studio — We create everything from look books, line sheets, to seasonal campaigns, manage instagrams, and place brands into retailers. Everything we do is with intention, and is a delicate process of being thoughtful and preparing our brands for loyalty and longevity in the marketplace, both wholesale and direct to consumer. 

Working in the fashion and design industry for a decade, I wanted to find a niche that allowed me to root myself in creativity, art, sales and ethics. Seems like an unlikely combo, but meshed together, it created the agency I have now.  I was lucky enough to work amongst extremely talented people who taught me a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. I merged all of my findings into one cohesive concept where we not only represent brands/designers for wholesale, but we also have the ability to take brands, businesses, and other concepts from A to Z with creative assets to support all of the sales work we do. 

How did you get started? 

Although it’s easy to say “I just went for it!”  — the journey to having my own business was paired with a ton of self work, reflection, risk, and connectivity. The kindness and dedication of the people who stood by me as I transitioned from a safe salary, to entrepreneurship (with not even enough money in my bank account to cover next months rent), will never cease to amaze me. My first clients were those who truly believed I could make a difference in the lives and businesses of artists and independent brands. Those clients are still with me to this day, and mean the world to me. 



Growing up in Los Angeles, I never thought I’d find myself on this side of town, but I was drawn in by the fashion district and have stayed for the blank canvas that allows artists to be themselves and be different. I’ve lived all over the east side, from Silver Lake and Atwater Village to Echo Park, but found myself most at home in my loft oasis downtown. 

What inspires your work? 

My work is inspired by a multitude of things — the journey of self exploration, the artists who surround me and amaze me everyday. The loved ones in my life are my muses and push me to always be better, think differently, and expand. 

Daily practices or rituals?

Ritual is an essential part of my life and my sanity.  Every morning, I wake up and begin — I open the blinds to my big big windows, put a kettle of water on the stove, and head to my vanity where I run a towel under warm water and then press it to my face to gently awaken my skin and kindly allow myself to become present for the day. I take my coffee to-go as I walk to a neighborhood workout (I alternate between HIIT classes, Pilates, Soul Cycle, and Hot Yoga). Doing a workout first thing in the morning makes me feel more energetic, and as if I could achieve anything. Once I get home and shower, I use all organic and natural ingredients in the shower, and try not to dry off too much after, as I have really sensitive, dry skin, so I just lightly pat and then cover my body in mixture of organic grapeseed, almond, and tamanu oil to lock in the moisture. Then I use a few drops of my LESSE serum — and that’s it! No makeup —  I just let my skin breathe and brush out my brows! 

What are other practices that help you balance your work/life flow?

As cliche as it sounds, I live by the sun and the moon — Watching the sunrise as I walk to early morning workouts grounds me, and watching the sunset from my sweeping views at the office, allows me to naturally ease out of my day.  I make so many important decisions during the day at the office, I always take time to decompress and escape into my home life. 

In the studio, it’s myself and my studio manger Rileigh. On set, we work with a ton of incredible creatives from stylists, to photographers, to models etc. Even with all that support, I could work 24 hours a day and still have more to do. It’s easy to get stuck in a mindset that the more you produce, the greater you are, so I just work to maintain my connection to the coming and going of the day, that my mornings are for me, my evenings are for enjoying food, relaxation, and loved ones. 

How do you stay zen when running your own business?

The lunar calendar in a big one for me, I follow the new and full moons closely. New moons I focus on expanding, growing, new endevours — full moons I reflect, find closure and gratitude. I even sometimes wait out a moon cycle before making big decisions. Whether it’s a cleansing sound bath, a silent tea ceremony meditation, or frantic texts to my astrologer (kidding, not kidding). I’m definitely someone who yearns to be connected to the elements and be present. If I feel I need to escape downtown for a Malibu hike and gain some space, I’ll do it! I’m a person of action. As my practice has become ritual, I no longer find it difficult to balance these things — I find myself infusing holistic wellness and self-care into everything I do. 

All images by Hannah Faith Lord