Ceara McAuliffe is a creative director, actress and model who grew up in Venice, CA. She just so happens to be our ho...

Posted on November 09, 2018

Ceara McAuliffe is a creative director, actress and model who grew up in Venice, CA. She just so happens to be our holiday lookbook muse as well. Having just launched her new pop-up Jaune Shop, we wanted to dive into the inspiration behind the project and tap her favorite local hotspots.

You just launched a new retail pop-up called Jaune Shop. Can you tell us a little about the project - the inspiration behind it? 

Yes! I have a beautiful retail space on Main St. and wanted to bring together some women’s brands. I asked my friend Helen, who is an amazing photographer and has impeccable taste to partner with me. The inspiration really comes from all of the brands that we carry. Most are women owned and run with an emphasis on local production and sustainable practices.  

What brands are you working with and how did you go about curating the selection?

The curation of the pop-up was very organic. I’m lucky to call a lot of the women behind the brands friends of mine, other’s are brands that I’ve been a fan of for a long time.  We were very intentional in our selection of brands that have a strong identity and resonate well with each other. They all use beautiful imagery that sends a strong message of inclusivity. Many of the brands are hand-made and/or local, which was also really important to us. 

Your shop is in the Coldsmoke space, what was your role with them and how has it evolved into what you’re doing now?

I’m the co-creative director and designer of Coldsmoke Apparel. It’s been super fun to design and develop a men’s outerwear company. First, because it’s something I never thought I would do! (ha) Because men tend to care more about technicality than women, it’s been an intriguing puzzle to include just the right amount of tech, with style in the form of classic silhouettes. Since we opened our store in November, I became acutely aware that our space left out half the population. Even though we’ve always carried ceramics, textiles and facial products, women didn’t always see it as a space for them. I wanted our shop to feel like a neighborhood spot where couples and friends could shop together. 

You grew up in Venice, can you describe that experience and how you think your hometown has shaped you?

I feel very lucky that I was born and raised in a community that was the definition of diversity and creativity. From the artists, to the art, to the architecture and food. There was also an undercurrent of grittiness that added a dimension of reality to the idyllic sun-baked southern California fantasy of the early nineties.  

What keeps you inspired?

I am inspired by travel, self-reflection and personal growth.  

Favorite Venice spots?

  • They make a delicious matcha drink at Moon Juice, or go for the  iced matcha latte from GTA
  • MTN makes ramen that I literally dream about.
  • LCD on Abbot Kinney always has inspiring clothing.
  • Fox Swap Meet sells gold hoops by weight, and you can get your name in gold wire in them ;)
  • After work I unwind at my favorite, Love Yoga.
  • To undo all the yoga, grab some delicious street tacos in front of what was formerly Allen’s Aquarium... I think they're a buck a piece.
  • If you want to peruse beautifully handcrafted high-end furniture stop by Stahl and Band. It’s always inspiring. 

All photos by Nastassa Bruckin.