Interview: Courtney Coll

Meet Courtney Coll, cool girl model and plant connoisseur with her own line of natural skincare and tonics called Pot...

Posted on February 07, 2020

Meet Courtney Coll, cool girl model and plant connoisseur with her own line of natural skincare and tonics called Potions n Motions. We visited Courtney in her backyard garden to chat about her products, healthy routines, and her favorite things to cook!
When did you first start making your Potions and Motions products, what was the initial inspiration?
I first started Potions n Motions when I was farming in Northern California. I got to really dive into learning how to use the copper distiller and how to make plant extracts. 
It was a hobby of mine that eventually turned into more and more people becoming interested and loving the scents. There are all sorts of uses for plants and it makes it so fun to learn about them all. For example, the tulsi hydrosol I make is used to clear acne on your face, but can also be used as a disinfectant for a wooden cutting board. 
Whats your favorite blend right now and why?
Rustic Roots is my favorite blend I use, I love a musky and woodsy smell! The Rustic Roots is to ground yourself and I really do believe it helps put me into a better mind set. 
How many of the ingredients and herbs used in your products are grown in your own garden? 
I have a lot of herbs growing in the backyard. Geranium, Tulsi , Mugwort, Chamomile, Sage, Yerba Mate, Gotu Kola and more. Mostly all of them come from the garden except for the added essential oils and witch hazel plant. 
What else are you growing in your garden right now?
Sweet peas, kale, collard greens, passion fruit, figs, and mixed lettuces. With spring coming we will switch up all the crops soon!
Any gardening tips for beginners?
Don’t give up!! Just because you didn’t keep a plant alive does not mean you can’t keep the next one alive. It takes a lot of patience and love. 
Tell us about your famous cookies and any other things you’ve been cooking up in the kitchen lately…
Oohhh man, the cookie that keeps on giving. I made up this recipe for peanut butter, coconut flour cookies and it is the most amazing cookie ever! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, from baking to cooking. I prefer baking but making soups is always good for me too. Recently I have been really into making homemade raw ice cream!
How did you get started in modeling? 
I got street casted for a job, and it turned into a career! I didn’t want to join the modeling industry but then thought about how I could help change what a “normal” look would be. I want to help everyone see that there is something special inside us all!!
How do you find balance and keep yourself grounded when working in the fashion/modeling industry?
Routine! Keeping up with my everyday routine is so important while traveling and being around so many people. I usually start my morning by lighting a Bodha incense, then making a cup of tea or coffee. I always sit in the morning with my drink before starting the day and read some passages from what ever book I am reading. Right now I am reading Ram Dass, which sets my day up so beautifully. 
How do you relax after a long day of work on set? 
If I'm leaving a job in LA, I'm most likely going to be sitting in my car for 45 minutes, so the best way for me to relax is putting on 1260AM. That station puts me in the best mood. 

all images by Chloe Horseman


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