Erica Chidi Cohen is an author, doula and co-founder of LOOM, a center providing resources, education and community ...

Posted on June 10, 2019

Erica Chidi Cohen is an author, doula and co-founder of LOOM, a center providing resources, education and community for reproductive empowerment, periods, pregnancy and parenting. We caught up with Erica at her Los Angeles home to learn more about her work at LOOM and as a doula, plus ways she unwinds from her jam-packed schedule.

Tell us about your space at LOOM. You provide empowered education on everything from periods to parenting. Who can come to LOOM and how might they utilize all the different services you provide there? 

LOOM is for everyone, whether you're trying to figure out your period with one of our period coaches, looking to feel more confident in your sexuality through our sex class or navigating your pregnancy or first year of parenting, our hope is that LOOM can meet you exactly where you are on you reproductive journey. 


Not only are you a CEO and co-founder, you’re also a doula. What does that part of your work entail and how does it fit into each pregnancy? Why is having a doula important?

To me, doula work is about emotionally supporting and educating a pregnant person through the process without judgment. Often times my work means that I'm actively listening to their needs and helping to guide them to the best resources to soothe or meet those needs. In labor, things can get more active, providing physical support through each contraction might be needed or helping to affirm their choice to have a medicated birth might be how things open up. No two births are the same and the value of having a doula is that we can provide continual support throughout the entire pregnancy and labor which can help bring ease to a process that sometimes can feel very uncomfortable albeit beautiful.   


When your schedule is packed how do you find time for self-care? What are some practices you try to work in regularly?

I usually try to make it to my local Korean spa twice a week. Recently I picked back up my meditation practice and it's been very rewarding. 

What inspires you? 

Our students and community at LOOM. Every time I teach a class, I'm deeply inspired by their decision to show up, engage and be curious about their bodies. 

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Images by Jen Wolf.