Interview: Mariah K. Lyons

Mariah K. Lyons is a crystal healer, Western herbalist and founder of footwear brand Astara. We recently spoke to her...

Posted on August 25, 2020

Mariah K. Lyons is a crystal healer, Western herbalist and founder of footwear brand Astara. We recently spoke to her about her work as a healer, grounding daily practices and 2020 must have crystals. Plus, she created a wonderful tutorial for us on how to create beautiful natural tie-dye projects at home using her favorite LACAUSA basics! 

Tell us a bit about crystal healing and how you came about it? How does it relate to your work as an herbalist?

Crystal healing is the practice of utilizing and attuning to the vibrational resonance of minerals for the purpose of balancing, activating and transforming energy in an environment or the body. I’ve always been drawn towards crystals and rocks from a very small age growing up in the mountains and then began meditating with them in young adulthood. As I "worked" with them in meditation they greatly enhanced my ability to drop into deeper states of consciousness and  helped me begin to understand aspects of myself better. I dove into learning everything I could about their frequencies and how to harness and attune to them in different ways. Working with the elements of the earth has healed me on many levels, including helping to heal from autoimmune issues. 

Working with crystals is wonderfully aligned with my training and work as an herbalist. The plants and minerals work beautifully in unison and harmony with one another and can further assist balancing the body, spirit and mind on many levels. They help to complement one another and can create a "layering" effect when working in balance. 

You also design a footwear line! Can you tell us about Astara and your approach to design?

Yes! ASTARA is my grounding footwear line that is designed with the principles of earth resonance and crystalline technology. Each shoe has a proprietary piece in the sole of the shoe that resonates at 7.83hz, the Schumann Resonance, which is the natural resonance of the Earth. I wanted to create a shoe that would connect to the healing frequency of the Earth wherever the day finds you. It's not always appropriate to be barefoot ;) even as supportive as it is to the body! 

As I also work with crystals in ASTARA, I tune into the energies of the coming season and design accordingly to which minerals will harmonize and help support people through that season. I see ASTARA as wellness tools and anchors that help mitigate some modern stressors we all face. 

What are some grounding practices you try to weave into your daily life, even when busy juggling your business and healing practices?

I never miss my morning meditation practice. It is a grounding anchor point that really sets the tone for my day and has been a practice for many years now. It's like air and food for me now, it's completely necessary for my wellbeing. I try and get outside everyday (barefoot when possible) to eat lunch, take calls and most days I'll go for an evening walk (without my phone) and tune into the nature in my neighborhood or spend time in my garden. Living in a city has its pros and cons, but I find that if I take the moments to truly connect to the trees, flowers and fauna in my immediate surrounding it helps to instantly calm my nervous system and bring me back into a place of centering. I find small rituals throughout the day help to create grounding touch points and a base to find calm throughout the sometimes hectic schedule. 

What crystals should we all be working with in 2020?

Malachite: A beautiful heart cleanser, malachite helps to heal grief and sadness in the heart, as to also make space and welcome new love and experiences. Many people are moving through so many challenges, endings and grieving and this stone helps one to process the emotions (without shutting them off) and move through it , releasing the energy when the time is right. 

Smoky Quartz: Helps ground and center the body while also releasing heavy or dense energy in your home and energetic field. Great stone for highly sensitive people or people that get often overwhelmed or flustered easily. With so much fear and anxiety in the collective air, this is a great stone to ground and let go of excess worry and anxiety. 

Lepidolite: Called the "Xanax" of the mineral world, lepidolite is high is lithium and helps to ease anxiety and stress. It is incredible to place on your forehead after being on the computer and Zoom calls all day long as it greatly supports the nervous system and can assist with eye strain and headaches from blue light and additional screen time. 

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is the "Master Healer" stone and can support energetically balancing the major energy centers in the body and acts as an amplifier for intentions and goals. Can assist in manifesting or healing something specific. Great to work with in reinventing oneself or taking this time to start something new or work towards a new goal. 

Prehnite: Prehnite helps "heal the healer" and is great for mothers, caretakers, activists, artists and healers of all kinds. It reminds one to take care of themself first and foremost in order to also have the energy reserves to support others. This year has been an extra weight on parents, business owners and caretakers and most everyone is juggling so many extra roles right now. This energy helps to remind one to come back to the Self, and practice more self-care. 

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