Synmia Rosine is an herbalist and holistic healer who lives just outside of Los Angeles in the truly idyllic town of ...

Posted on November 30, 2018

Synmia Rosine is an herbalist and holistic healer who lives just outside of Los Angeles in the truly idyllic town of Idyllwild with her partner and their daughter Kiyoko. After following her work for some time, we were finally able to catch up with her to tap into her wealth of knowledge on plant medicine and chat about feminine power, motherhood and her new project: Bhodhi Herbs.

How did you get into your work as an herbalist? What inspires you to create?

Herbal medicine and natural healing was not at all a constituent or a product of my upbringing, however, mental illnesses were. I never had a childhood physician. Could be for the fact that we couldn't afford it. Years later, my journey into plant medicine came down to my very own survival. It was Life and suffering. Or Death, dead, and forgotten.

Long story short, I was sold the dream that if I were to ingest my pills, then they would not only solve all of my problems, but also cure me of all of my emotional and physical illnesses. After some years of trial and error between various doses and pharma strains, my physical health began depleting. The side effects started to take hold of me. I was sick. Malnourished. I was disappearing on all levels. This wasn’t healing. The pills became my illness.

Eventually, the Plant Medicine became my salvation. Each healthy day is a miracle for me. The fact that I am nearly a decade free of toxins; My mental state has been the most consistently healthy; And I recently was able to quit a 15 year smoking habit all of which was executed with the help of Plant medicine + Wholistic living. These milestones became my inspiration to keep going and keep healing.

Do the cosmos or astrology play a role in your work? How are they tied to plant medicine?

The cosmos, the plant medicine, the individual are all interconnected in a web of energy.  Each feeding off the other. Each part are comprised of the whole. Bhodhi is about finding and putting a finger on the pulse that holds the rhythm of our individual Lives, our Earth, and our entire Cosmos to evoke inner transformation + healing. Each plant is ruled by a planet; Each individual carries their own cosmic stamp, karma, root, etc. Using these two separate complex systems helps me navigate through people and our complex internal physiological systems, combining both the macro and micro to find the source of disruption.

We spoke about feeling with the heart vs the mind, can you break that down for us?  

The industrialized (or Western) approach to life is more heady, literally. The industrialized mind’s primary focus is to dissect, isolate, observe and throw away. By nature, the mind’s decisions are more linear or Black & White. The mind operates scientifically in practice. Isolate, analyze, conclude and repeat.

The heart is often forgotten. It is either lumped together with emotions or simply seen as the cardiovascular center piece of our physical survival. We forget our heart’s electromagnetic field reaches 10 feet in front of us- spanning in all directions around us. We also forget that our hearts are the first to take form in embryo. Not our brains. Heart perception operate most wholly. Instead of dissection and isolation, heart perception creates unification to promote growth and understanding. Heart perception allows us to truly FEEL what is happening before traveling to our minds to be processed. Heart perception brings an awareness to the Forme. It turns the statistic into the experience; Life into Living; Be into Being.  

What does the Divine Feminine mean to you?

Im chuckling because I coin these two words together quite often.

The Divine Feminine is a symbol I created as a reference to embody. Women were funny in my life. I had ‘mothers’ trolling in and out of my life up until my mid 20s. I was estranged from my biological mother when I was 1yr old. Growing up, I took note of each woman I crossed paths with. Highlighting their feminine nuances and matriarchal values I needed to create a new definition of what the Mother and the Feminine looked like. This is what I have gathered thus far:

She is the Ultimate. She is Life, Death & Transformation. She is the Mother and the Pulse. The Moon, the Ocean and the Earth. She is logic and reason; The fluid nature of feeling and the intuitive wisdom. The Divine Feminine embodies duality. She is a reflection of the complexities and perfections of our Universe. The Masculine + Feminine; Yin + Yang; Creation + Destruction. She holds all of Life, literally and figuratively, in her womb.  

What are some lessons motherhood has taught you?

  • Flexibility
  • Patience  
  • Acceptance
  • Strength
  • Nurturing v. Hovering

Allowing my child grow into her own being. Knowing that she chose me to guide and support her along her journey. Now more than any other time in my life, I understand everyday is an opportunity to elevate myself, my work, and my practices. My focus has since transitioned from leading myself to greatness, to leading by example... because, guess what, your child is watching. They are watching you create countless impressions on their subconscious every moment of every day. In a funny way, when you become a mother ‘you are always ON’. If you know what I mean. She keeps me in check. She reminds me to stay balanced and always strive to become the highest aspiration of myself. She’s my little guru.

Next steps for Bhodhi Herbs?

Now that I am a mother it has become even more pressing to share my story, gather tools from my life experiences, practices & rituals, with intentions to create space for elevated forms of healing.

Bhodhi is about healing the whole person with whole plant medicines and wholistic healing systems. At the start of my journey, my intentions were to simply learn, share and help heal as many as I could along the way. I know what it's like to be tied to a lineage ridden with mental illnesses; given a system with no choice and no vulnerability; left to struggle and make do in silence, awaiting some sort of miracle to save you from yourself. I understand the desperation, which became the source of my inspiration and intentions for Bhodhi herbs. We will be opening our arms to the public January 2019! 

One small mindful practice everyone should weave into their daily life?

Be Mindful of Self by having daily self-sits. This should be done at the start of your day. Roll out of bed and onto your floor (never check the phone before mediation). During theses self-sits, the focus is on the breath. Deep, long, big inhale through the nose and out your mouth, slow and controlled, as you exhale. Each breath you sit deeper within yourself. Falling inward, deeper into your breath. Each breath circulating a calming flow throughout your body, relaxing the tension, quieting the constant buzzing around you. The flow you’ve created with your breath begins circulating down to the bottoms of your feet, your hands. Up through your digestion, lungs, heart. Up to the throat and finally smoothening over all the tension in your face, around the eyes and up through the top of your head. In your self-sit, this rhythm creates a circular breathing pattern that becomes YOURS. Follow this deep rhythmic breathing for 10 to 30 minutes or more. This practice awakens the body and mind, as well as feeding the esoteric levels of ourselves. The self-sits ultimately wakes up the senses and sensory organs while calibrating your awareness from the inside - out. Not the other way around.

Take care and take the time to unplug yourself xx

All images by Symrin Chawla.