Meet Taylor Patterson, NYC based founder of floral and garden design studio FoxFodderFarm. Her rustic arrangements ar...

Posted on August 02, 2018

Meet Taylor Patterson, NYC based founder of floral and garden design studio FoxFodderFarm. Her rustic arrangements are more like sculptures than bouquets and have made her the go-to florist for the fashion set and those in the know. We spoke with her about how she got her start, the ups and downs of working in the city, and being a business owner.

Taylor wears the Clare Jacket in Oxford, Baby Tee in Whitewash and Lola Trousers in Parchment

How and when did you start FoxFodderFarm?

T: I started FFF in 2011ish with the encouragement of my boyfriend at the time and my landlords support in the form of his garage. I was at a bit of a crossroads, waitressing to pay rent, trying to sort myself out and somewhere in there, I took a job with a floral shop. Ambition muscle kicked in and 6 months later I was pursuing my own projects and clients.

What does an average day in the life look like for you?

T: Wake up around 5:45, try to take a minute for myself even if it’s just sitting and staring at the wall with some coffee, and then head to the flower market. From there the day can go in any number of directions depending on what we have going on. 

What are some of the benefits and challenges of owning a floral business in New York City?

T: The NYC flower market is one of the best in the world (or so I’ve been told). There’s a really great variety of product and quality is A++. Also NYC offers an amazing network of support and work. 

The Challenge is that it’s still a city, and a very busy one… and traffic is bad… and shit is expensive… and work spaces don’t come easy... and there are a lot of us florists in this busy city.


Any tips for aspiring female business owners? Any lessons you've learned the hard way?

T: I think that women have an idea that they have to be hard or tough to be successful. Ya know, really “lean in” to the challenges. Honestly, I think that’s bullshit. There’s no part of me that wants to get ahead by being something that I’m not. I’m tough in a lot of ways but it’s because I hold everyone to the standard I hold myself. It’s not because I feel I have to be. My priority - with my employees especially, is that we respect each other, are fair to one another, and communicate with each other. 


How does living in NYC impact your style? 

T: I wish I could dress better on the day to day... I have some really nice clothes! But I’m schlepping stuff all day and I wake up early and I’m usually running out the door and I just don’t feel like thinking about it. I guess that’s more how work impacts my style, but my life in NYC is my work.

Where do you go to find new inspiration?

T: Museums, the park, movies, my friends... it’s hard to pinpoint anything in particular because honestly being in NYC, inspiration is all around, whether we want to absorb it or not.

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All images by Jen Steele.