Back in November, we teamed up with photographer Roman Koval and model/artist/cool girl Paige Elkington to shoot our ...

Posted on January 16, 2017

Back in November, we teamed up with photographer Roman Koval and model/artist/cool girl Paige Elkington to shoot our LA HOLIDAY feature. Today, we follow up with Paige about activism, LA style, and her favorite metallic pants. 

Paige wears the Vintage Tall T

Tell us about how you came to live in Los Angeles?

P: Growing up in the south, I always felt slightly out of place and was eager to move to a big city. I only chose LA because I wasn't quite ready for the intensity and price tag of NYC.

During the shoot we talked a bit about your activism and your dedication to sharing information/educating friends on how they can play a role in the political process. Can you talk more about what you have been doing in lieu of recent political events? 

P: Many of us feel very overwhelmed by the election outcome, the DAPL, among other things and a lot of us want to help but don't know where to start or what we can do to make an actual difference. After reading and vetting countless articles and social media posts, I consolidated all the info I'd absorbed into an action-based to do list: people to call, organizations to donate to, petitions to sign, and emails to write. Instead of checking off that list by myself, I invited friends to my house, and we did it together. I shared a doc with my email templates and scripts for calling since I had already done all the groundwork--that way people didn't feel overwhelmed. That's how the first meeting originated, and I plan on having them once a month.  In addition, practicing activism in groups is important because many of us have never done this before. This may be the first time a lot us have felt compelled to organize and act. That doesn't come naturally to everyone. A lot of people have anxiety about picking up the phone. So this is a way to stay encouraged and accountable. I also encourage my friends to make small donations. If people tell me they're broke, I tell them to donate $1-5. When people understand that small donations make an impact, they are way more likely to donate and continue to because that seems like a realistic way for them to give back on a budget.

Do you think living in LA has had an impact on how you get dressed every day?

P: Oh yeah. I'm way more relaxed here.

Paige wears the Dual Satin Dress

Current favorite piece in your closet?

P: My metallic lace up Angel Chen pants. I don't even think they look that great on me but I love them because they're insane.

Favorite LACAUSA piece from the shoot? 

P: The lucky dress! The cut and look remind me of 90s prada - my favorite. 

Paige wears the Vintage Frank Top