Two of our fave LA girls documented their road trip through Oregon for us. When we caught up with them about their ad...

Posted on August 31, 2016

Two of our fave LA girls documented their road trip through Oregon for us. When we caught up with them about their adventures we ended up with cheese pairing recommendations and some pro-tips for booking granny suites at roadside motels.

How did the two of you meet / become friends?

SYMRIN : We started orbiting each other in our last year of college when the majority of our time was spent chasing our tails at the Pink House. I vaguely remember a sunrise coffee at the local ARCO followed by Jonbenet Ramsey lock of hair sighting in the alley behind The Brothel – those were the names of our houses by the way. I was always impressed by what a phenomenal cook you were, no matter what we were on.

MARIEL : Early memories include face paint, a shower, and a scenario that included me sneaking into your room to nap before committing some serious bed hopping. Even though she doesn’t take the best care of her piercings, Sym is my favorite person to spend 25+ hours with in a tiny vehicle.

What do you do?

SYM: I'm getting my MFA in media art, which mostly means I'm an internet flânuese.

MAR: I paint livestock and help brands strategize things. 

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How would you describe your personal style or current theme?

MAR : Sun protection is key and that means baseball hats – preferably ones from souvenir shops. I’m rigorous about having a minimal closet and only simple pieces with edge make the cut. Caps + LACAUSA (favorites are the Satin Flora Pants, Las Palmas Dress, and Santi Jumpsuit) + sneaks = my perfect all-purpose uniform.

SYM : Dude you’re so right. I’m all about sun protection. Also into holding up my pants with pieces of rope - thank you LACAUSA. I crush so hard on boys who use pieces of string as belts and recently I was like ‘I am the boy I love.’ I spend a lot of time in the woodshop so I like to find a balance between being delicate but utilitarian - I live in the Denim Flora Pants and the Penelope Dress.

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Why did you choose this route for your trip?

Despite being from (Mar) and spending time in (Sym) Portland, Southeastern Oregon was still untapped territory.

Our trip was bookended for us : Starting in Chico to visit our friend and her new baby, then making it to Government Camp / Mt Hood in time for an annual pig roast. For everything in between we picked the highway less traveled and went from there.

Both of us dream of a life off the grid, so part of our mission was seeking inspiration for our future farm -- including sussing out which livestock would be best for our sustainable butcher and dairy operation. We think goats are the answer. We’ll also be growing lavender, figs and weed so look out!

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Tell us a little about your experience exploring, best nature things, favorite moments...

SYM : We tended to pair and rate each experience with its corresponding bread and cheese combo. Off the jump I’d say we killed it camping on the farm in Ashland, nomming on olive ciabatta with local pear butter, brie and a sprinkle of cayenne in the meadow with a chilled jar of goat milk was * a moment * .

The day we went to Crater Lake was insane. It started with an mid-afternoon break down over the only payphone for miles. Later we ended up in literal paradise swimming in the post-volcanic indigo lake - totally blissed out on some Italy vibes, unaware of the of the fact that we would spend the next 5 hours frantically driving through the backcountry searching for a place to sleep. 

MAR :  Following a tame day at Smith Rock, we set out to explore the deceivingly tropical-looking waters of Blue Pool. We scrambled down to a private rock, and popped our Pinot Gris in the water to chill. Shortly after, five 18 year old Oregon bros came ricocheting off the 30 ft cliff clutching Bud Lights. They scrambled out of the 38 degree water onto our rock, and from that point on, we’d entered a modern Shakespearean drama. 

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Road trip pro-tip for LACAUSA girls?

  • Find a partner who knows when it’s time to splurge for the Granny Room Motel Suite, never passes on the $1 Sublime CD, only gets sick when you’re feeling well, and jumps into 38 degree water with you.
  • When you’re late night interrogating your girl about her love life at the campsite, use a hair tie to secure a flashlight to a low hanging tree branch. Makes for dramatic lighting and you’ll be able to tell if she’s bluffing.
  • Things can get prickly when you’re just two girls on the road. Keep an eye out for freshly shed snake skin and carry a good knife - you’ll need it for the cheese anyways.
  • Always, always, always pack a picnic.

Best food / shops / secret spots along the way?


Deja Vu Ashland, OR

Cowgirl Cash  Bend, OR

Kalamazoo's Antique Mall in Sisters, OR


Willow Witt Ranch Ashland, OR

Get provisions at the local co-op beforehand - we would recommend an Oregon Pinot Noir, Purple Haze chèvre and couple of pluots. You can get chicken eggs, meats, and fresh goat milk on the farm.  Work up a sweat setting up camp because you’ll want an excuse to use the outdoor showers.


Cleetwood Cove Trail, Crater Lake: Italy meets the Pacific Northwest. Get in the water.

Tamolitch Blue Pool: A surreal almost-tropical oasis nestled in the forest. Most likely bewitched because here’s the catch - the crystal clear water is 38 degrees.

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