LA girls Symrin Chawla, Eva Sealove, Gabbie Bautista, and Martina Lund take the American Southwest wearing LACAUSA an...

Posted on December 16, 2016

LA girls Symrin Chawla, Eva Sealove, Gabbie Bautista, and Martina Lund take the American Southwest wearing LACAUSA and listening to Dolly Parton. We got to chat with them post-trip about petrified forests, romance novels on the road, and energy vortex tour guides named Blair. 

Symrin: What's up I’m Sym and I’m a chronic runaway.  

Eva: I’m a Taurus with a rising Leo; I work in advertising and write about feminism.

Gabbie: Hi internet, I’m Gabbie. I like looking at shiny objects and designing things.  

Martina: Hello, I’m Martina, the Björk is my home, my sigil, my spirit. Also swedish. Graphic designer.

What inspired this route for your road trip?

ES: The southwest is magic and we wanted to see as much as possible in the time that we had. Each of us was at something of a turning point in our lives and decided the best path was to GTFO, drive down a dirt road, blast Whitney, Madonna and Dolly, look out the window, stand on a mountain, watch a sunset, drink spiked hot cocoa, bathe in healing waters, sing cowboy ballads, charge our crystals, sip coffee in Denny’s, channel spirits, correctly identify the belt of Orion, and think some thoughts together.

What was the collective style vibe on the trip?

A big mix of utilitarian / sporty items like Timberland hiking boots, HeatTech layers, or Patagonia with softer, more feminine pieces from LACAUSA... along with some flashy shit like fur coats and hats, crystal jewelry, and chokers.

The Santi Jumpsuit was so comfy for car rides, layered over Vintage Tall T with chunky wool socks and Timbs. The Jumpsuit was important again in a dive bar where we took over and played Madonna and Reggaeton, drinking $3 tequilas. The Dad's Shirtdress elevated jeans and cowboy boots for a stroll through Truth or Consequences, NM. The Alma Slip was perfect for the petrified forest.

We also picked up some sick matching T-shirts in Sedona which, incidentally, look fantastic, even without pants.


Best food / shops / secret spots along the way?

ES: Once we crossed the border into Arizona on Day 1, we stopped in Quartzsite for dinner (chopped salad and mini pizza) at a bar called Silly Al’s, where we listened to a great Blues duo called The Gypsy Wagyn. We realized in that moment that we were definitely not in LA anymore, and the trip only continued to get better and better from there.

SC: Reading a romance novel to a little herd of buffalo on a desert hilltop probably takes the cake, although swimming in a serial killer's favorite lake was also...energizing.

ML: BLAIR. The master tour guide of Sedona’s energy vortexes. He had the kindest eyes, cutest safari outfit and had dated a 100-year old woman. So special. 

GB: The petrified forest is fucking amazing. The entire park is sprinkled with giant tree trunk slices that have fully transformed into crystal, so beautiful and magical.

ML: Also that bar in Truth or Consequences where our collective tab was less than the price of one drink in LA. Win.

Road trip pro-tips?

-Bring a knife! You never know when you’ll want to eat aged goat’s milk brie and fig jam.

-Bring a pillow and don’t leave it at the hotel.

-Bring palo santo and bless every place you lay your head.


-Bring dryer sheets for cheap (but very cute) rooms that might stink (a bit).

Last words?

Life is a mystery

Everyone must stand alone

I hear you call my name

And it feels like home